Lo calls on police to step up patrols following daylight mugging on Dublin Road

Following news of a mugging at a Dublin Road cash machine in broad daylight yesterday, Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo called on police to conduct more patrols in the area to act as a strong deterrent to thugs. There have been several incidents of a similar nature at this ATM, and police are aware of ongoing problem there.

Anna Lo said: “It is horrific that someone would be robbed in broad daylight on a busy street very close to Belfast city centre.

“There have obviously been a number of similar problems in the past around the vicinity of this cash machine, and I would call on police to maintain regular patrols in this area to provide a strong deterrent.

“Incidents of this nature have absolutely no place whatsoever in our society. The audacity of these thugs carrying out this mugging in broad daylight is extremely disturbing.

“I would, however, like to take this opportunity to commend police in South Belfast for their hard work. I recognize that they are stretched due to limited resources, but I would like to see them provide extra patrols in this area to eradicate the problems in this section of the Dublin Road.”


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