Lo calls on people to act responsibly to prevent trouble in Holylands on St Patrick’s Day

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has said she hopes that St Patrick’s Day will see no trouble in the Holylands area this year and urged people to act responsibly so that everyone can enjoy the day. Anna Lo has been a leading campaigner on the issue and she organised a debate in the Assembly on this matter a few weeks ago.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I hope that students realise that the best way to enjoy St Patrick’s Day is to make the most of events that are planned in the city or at the Queens University Students’ Union. Great work has been done by the universities and statutory agencies over the past year to try and ensure that the day goes well.

“St Patrick’s Day is a celebration and a holiday for everyone and all that people need to have is a little regard for others, so that everyone can have a great day without any trouble.

“Belfast, the universities and students cannot afford a repeat of the scenes of last year. Anyone involved in anti-social behaviour will potentially be expelled, face a criminal record and a massive fine.

“I am sure no one would want to put their entire career and future livelihood at risk so I would appeal to people to have a great time but also to think of others.”


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