Lo calls for report into impact of Hydraulic Fracturing in Northern Ireland

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has called for an independent report to be carried out into the potential impact of hydraulic fracturing in Northern Ireland. Her call follows a report that was carried out into the small earthquakes that it caused in Blackpool.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This report that has been carried out only relates to what happened in Blackpool where a small earthquake was caused. But what we need to do is to carry out an independent report into its potential impact on Northern Ireland.

“We should not use this report on the impact of hydraulic fracturing in England to give the go ahead for it to happen in Northern Ireland. There are still many unanswered questions around its impact on the proposed sites in Fermanagh which is one of Northern Ireland’s most beautiful and valuable eco systems.

“I proposed a motion in the Assembly last year that was passed that called for this independent report to be carried out in Northern Ireland and I look forward to see this happening.”


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