Lo calls for more police on the beat after South Belfast cars burned

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has called for more police on the beat in the Holylands area following attacks by vandals who set fire to four cars in the earlier hours of this morning. The fires were so severe that they forced several families from their homes in the Jerusalem Street area of South Belfast.

The South Belfast MLA said: “The police should try to put more officers on the beat in the area to tackle these thugs. This type of vandalism can not be tolerated and I am appalled at those involved in these thoughtless attacks.

“Thugs had already smashed windows in the area that night and this attack on four cars has compounded the disgraceful intimidation that the local community suffered.

“I would like to praise the good work of the firefighters responding the incident last night. Their good work prevented a far worse tragedy, as there were several gas cylinders in a nearby vehicle.

“This incident must have been very frightening for those caught up in it. People should be allowed to live free from fear and intimidation. Our homes are meant to be places of peace and safety, but last night many were forced from theirs by these thugs.

“I would urge anybody with any information about these attacks to contact the police.”


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