Lo calls for cut in the number of MLAs and Executive departments

The Alliance Party has renewed its calls for a reduction in the number of Assembly Members and the number of Executive departments. South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo stated that streamlined government would mean value for money and more effective government. Alliance wants to see the number of MLAs reduced to around 80 and a cut in the number of Executive Ministries.

South Belfast MLA Anna Lo said “Having less Assembly Members would ensure better value for money governance. The current number of MLAs is unnecessarily high and I am sure many local people will question why weneed 108 of them, when less would serve the same purpose.

“Around 80 MLAs would be better, as somewhere the geographical size and population of Northern Ireland doesn’t need a legislature as large as the one we currently have.

“Also having 11 departments at Stormont is an in effective use of public money. These departments were created artificially and this format should be streamlined to ensure better value for money and more joined-up government.

“Eleven departments are far too many for Northern Ireland. Its time to stop wasting cash on bureaucracy and focus on delivering better services for local people.”


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