Lo blasts Sinn Fein MLAs who let down students in Assembly fees vote

Alliance Employment and Learning Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has hit out at the Sinn Fein MLAs who did not vote against student fees increases in the Assembly today.

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo said: “Where were the Sinn Fein MLAs who oppose student fees but did not vote against them today? Are some people from Sinn Fein going back on one of their key pledges?

“This is simply not on. Those who did not vote let our students down. Saying one thing and doing another on tuition fees will hurt our students. They already have too many financial pressures placed upon them without this new bodyblow from the Assembly.

“When will parties like Sinn Fein take on board the voices of our students? This Executive and the parties within it need to start showing radical thinking and start delivering a real and positive difference to local people’s lives.”


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