Lo blasts Home Office as Comfort and her family may be deported tomorrow

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has blasted the lack of compassion shown by the Home Office in their treatment of Comfort Adefowoju and her family. Her comments come as news emerged that the Home Office plans to deport the whole family to Nigeria tomorrow.

South Belfast MLA Anna Lo said: “I am appalled at the Home Office’s treatment of Comfort and her family. The whole family have had to deal with so much uncertainty in the past few months.

“This is an extremely traumatic time for the family and I wish that the Home Office would have a heart on this issue. They have shown no compassion and have totally ignored the will of the community. There is massive support for Comfort in Belfast, and people want the family to be allowed to stay here. East Belfast is their home and they are an important part of the community.

“Comfort and her family belong here where they are safe, and I am very annoyed at the latest moves by the Home Office to try and have them deported tomorrow.”


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