Lo backs plans to set up Chinese Consulate in Belfast

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has backed plans for a Chinese consular office in Belfast. Currently anyone from Northern Ireland wishing to get a visa to travel to China must go to their Edinburgh consular office. This development was discussed by the First and Deputy First Ministers in their meeting with Yuansong Jiang, Consul General at the Chinese Embassy in London.

Anna Lo stated: “Its great news that China are hoping to open a consular office in Belfast. This will be a real boost for people wishing to travel to or do business with China.

“Currently, if you wish to obtain visas and deal with similar matters, people must travel to the consular offices in Edinburgh. Having an office here would make planning a trip to China far easier and will also provide us with a vital link to one of the worlds biggest economies.

“The greater links to China that a consular office in Belfast will give us could help us boost our local economy.

“Northern Ireland must take a broader world view to reach out across the globe to strengthen our economy and attract inward investment. Having a Chinese consular office here will help us facilitate this.”


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