Lo attends rally against deportation and slams Home Office

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has taken part in today’s demonstration against the potential deportation of Comfort Adefowoju and stated that the Home Office has showed total disregard to Comfort and the level of support that she and her family have. Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long also attended the vigil.

Anna Lo MLA said: “The Judicial Review has now been lodged so hopefully she and her family will be staying in the country until the Review is heard. Hopefully they will be allowed to return home to East Belfast soon.

“Despite the appalling weather, there was a good turnout at today’s rally at City Hall. Comfort has massive support throughout the community and the Home Office must not ignore the will of the people.

“Comfort wants to deal with this issue properly and go through the appropriate legal channels. The Home Office has show disregard for her honesty and the high level of the support that she has in the whole community.”


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