Lives could have been lost in North Belfast bomb attack – O’Neill

Alliance North Belfast representative, Jason O’Neill, has condemned those behind a bomb attack in North Belfast on Tuesday night in which a device exploded after it was fired or thrown at a passing Police vehicle. It is believed that the device exploded in the air and caused damage to the windscreen of a parked car. No-one was injured in the attack on Victoria Parade.

Jason O’Neill said: “Somebody could have been killed in this attack. Those who carried it out do not care who is injured or killed by their actions. This is another despicable attack on our Police Officers who are there to protect every member of our community.

“The people responsible have nothing to offer our society except disruption, fear and violence. The vast majority of people are opposed to their actions and instead want to work towards building a shared future.

“Those behind this attack are very dangerous individuals who must be apprehended by the Police, so I would urge anybody with any information to contact the PSNI or Crimestoppers.”


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