Lisburn Mayor says end confusion over Mullaghglass landfill, tackle problems now

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has stated that the current situation surrounding the Mullaghglass landfill site near Lisburn is unacceptable. He also stated that problems must be tackled and solved urgently instead of having the current ad-hoc arrangements which are causing confusion for local people. His comments come after the Mullaghglass site was closed yesterday to address the problem of flies, and was later opened again on the same day.

Mr Lunn, who is Mayor of Lisburn, said: “You cannot just keep close site and re-opening it. We need long term solution for local residents instead of constantly having ad-hoc arrangements to deal with these horrendous problems.

“There is clearly something majorly wrong with site if it has to keep opening and closing on a regular basis. Local residents have been tortured by the problems emanating from this landfill, and these problems simply cannot and must not continue.

“There is also massive confusion for local residents on this issue because of the fact that the site was closed and then opened again on the same day.

“Other landfill sites operate effectively all around the UK, and local residents do not have to put up with such conditions – I do not see why this problem cannot be tackled for once and for all.

“I spent some time in a resident’s house a few weeks ago – this was during a lull and on that day the site was not operating, but there was still a massive number of flies in their house. The current arrangements are unsatisfactory for local people and this issue must be dealt with properly as a matter of urgency.”


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