Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council vote against Brexit preparation motion without debate

Alliance Councillor for Castlereagh South, Sorcha Eastwood, has said she is extremely disappointed that unionist members of Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council have voted against her motion to establish a cross party working group to help prepare for Brexit.

Councillor Eastwood said: “With the date for our exit from the EU around 100 days away, it is imperative that we as a Council can continue to deliver our responsibilities and services to ratepayers and the wider community. Surely, to ensure we can fulfil those responsibilities it is vital that this Council is adequately prepared. I am extremely disappointed that the unionist members have not supported this motion. We did not even have the opportunity to debate planning for Brexit before the motion was voted down.

“My motion proposed the establishment of a cross party Brexit working group, where we could harness a wide range of ideas and possible options to minimise disruption to residents in the Lisburn Castlereagh area and that we continue to strive to deliver public services in the best way possible through demonstrating responsible leadership.

“I believe that by not supporting this motion, Council risks being ill prepared, particularly in the event of a no deal Brexit with services, and potentially jobs, at risk.”

Councillor Eastwood’s Motion read:

“That this council resolves to establish a cross-party Brexit working group in order to support local planning and contingencies in relation to the council’s responsibilities arising from all Brexit scenarios including no deal.”