“Let Alliance finish the job on opposing water tax”: Neeson

East Antrim MLA Sean Neeson has attacked the hypocrisy of other parties on the issue of water charges, and stated that Alliance is the only party the electorate can trust on the issue.

The Westminster candidate stated: “It was me who started the campaign against water privatisation and charges back in 1995. I still have the correspondence from John Spellar, then in opposition, agreeing with my stance.

“It is somewhat ironic that he is now the minister trying to push through water charges which, it should be noted, also had to all intents and purposes the approval of the last Northern Ireland Executive.

“I still feel as strongly now as I did a decade ago on this issue. I oppose this iniquitous tax imposed on the people of Northern Ireland by people with no mandate to do so. Unlike all the other parties, Alliance is no ‘Johnny Come Lately’ on this issue.

“Alliance is the only party people can trust on this issue. We started this campaign, I am calling on voters to let us finish it.”


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