Lessons must be learned from Mersey Street closure

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has said the decision to close Mersey Street Primary School is unsettling for the community and something no one wanted to see. She said lessons must be learned from the way the closure was handled.

The East Belfast MLA, who herself attended the school, stated: “This is a very sad day for everyone with connections, past and present, to the school. No one wants to see school closures, especially in the case of a school which has served a disadvantaged community so well.

“The staff and governors have done all they can. I know they are most disappointed by the decision by the Minister that the school is no longer viable.

“This is a worrying time for the local community. A key component in the area has been lost. It is very unsettling for families, and a time of stress and concern for everyone.

“Other communities will soon face such decisions, and my main hope is that lessons have been learned from this process. The whole consultation was very poorly handled and the failure to engage properly with locals has left a bitter taste. This must not be allowed to happen elsewhere.”


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