Leisure centre closure “unacceptable” says McDonough Brown

Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown has said it is “absolutely unacceptable” that the local community has lost access to Avoniel Leisure Centre for a third day.

Users are currently being stopped from using the site after bonfire builders blocked the entrance in an attempt to stop the illegal bonfire being removed from Council land.

Emmet said: “There is absolutely no call for this leisure centre to be closed again today.  The same people who are claiming to be standing up for their culture are instead allowing their community to lose out on access to a much needed resource.

“It is an unacceptable move and one which must be rectified immediately, allowing local people to have free access to a service they pay rates to enjoy freely – especially during the school holiday period.

“This is not about stopping culture being celebrated, but is about making sure it is undertaken in a safe and as environmentally friendly a way as possible, allowing the lives and property of local people to be protected.

“The centre must be allowed to re-open immediately and I would urge all those involved to stop hurting their community and instead opt to take the sensible way forward and remove the blockade.”