Lawther test drives green hybrid car

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Alan Lawther has been offered the chance to test drive the Honda Civic hybrid car to check its green credentials. He welcomed the opportunity and said although he’d rather see people use public transport, he is glad car manufacturing are examining radical new ways of protecting the environment. He is bringing the car up to Stormont at 12.30pm today for a photocall.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “I am the Sustainability Spokesperson for Alliance and am delighted to have been offered the chance to test drive the hybrid car. I am aware that it is difficult for a car to tick all the green boxes, but I am impressed by hybrid cars and am willing to give them a try.

“Ideally I would rather see people being able to use a good public transport system instead of cars, but I am pleased that the motor industry is seeking ways of being greener.

“People in Northern Ireland are especially reliant on their cars and I would encourage them to do anything they can to protect the environment. One important way they can do this is to look at the fuel economy of their car. A hybrid vehicle not only emits a tonne less carbon dioxide a year but attracts only £15 of road tax and could save around £1,000 in fuel. It is however great to be given the chance to get behind the wheel of such a leading-edge vehicle. It’s good to see car manufacturers thinking about radical new ways of reducing carbon emissions.”


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