Lawther slams planning service over Antrim area plan

At the Antrim Council’s Public Services meeting last Thursday, Alliance Councillor, Alan Lawther launched a critical attack on the Chief Executive of the Planning service following delays in its completion.

When it came his turn to question the CEO of planning , Councillor Lawther asked:

“When is the Area plan likely to be finished? It has become a bad joke in the council and might be better labelled a disaster, the economic and social progress of not just Antrim Borough Council, but further afield is being held up by this.”

The CEO replied that legislation was complex and resources short and that they hoped to get the plan out in the nest financial year.

Commenting later Councillor Lawther said:

” This was the only answer I expected and is a bit of a cop out, but the bottom line is that the Area Plan is years late and it is very difficult for the council to engage in proper community planning when it is so badly let down by the Planning service.

“They pulled staff from the routine planning process to help on the area plan but the only tangible result was a huge backlog in dealing with planning applications and still the Area Plan was not finished.”


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