Lawther slams Land and Property Service for wasting paper and postage

Antrim Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has hit out at the Land and Property Service for sending out a letter to all rate payers just a week before their main rates bill arrived. He stated that the two letters should have been sent out in the same envelope to save money. Bizarrely, the first letter received was on how to pay your bill, and the letter he got week later was the actual bill.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “This is a ridiculous waste of the taxpayers’ money.

“Why could all the information not just have been sent out in the one envelope saving time, paper and postage? The first letter was instructing people how to pay their rates, obviously important information, but it could easily have waited a week and gone out with the main bill. I can see no need for this information to be sent before the bill itself has been received, yet another example of wasteful bureaucracy. This would be hilarious were it not such a costly joke.

“The Executive keeps saying it’s on an efficiency drive. They would do well to look at the Land and Property Service and haul them over the coals for this. It’s time that government agencies tried to adopt a more commonsense approach in order to stop ridiculous things like this from happening.

“The Land and Property Service must think they have money to burn. The only things getting burned are the taxpayers as they foot the bill for this disgraceful and unnecessary expenditure. I am sure local people feel sore that this agency is doing this with their precious money.”


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