Lawther says two fish kills in one week shows need for green protection agency

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Alan Lawther has expressed anger that yet another fish kill has occurred – the second of the week. He said that incidents like these show why Northern Ireland needs a strong independent environmental protection agency. The latest fish kill took place in the River Blackwater in County Tyrone and another was reported on Monday in Ballymoney Burn.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “Fish kills are occurring with depressing regularity. These incidents hammer home the need for an independent environment protection agency with the teeth to stop polluters.

“To have had two fish kills in the past few days is a total disgrace. The freshwater fishing sector is vitally important to the tourism industry and we need to protect our rivers. The two affected rivers will not see fish stocks fully restored for years and years.

“Another key reason why Northern Ireland needs an independent body to protect the environment is because government departments are often the source of the pollution. We need to see action from the Environment Minister to stop incidents like these in future. The ’emperor’s new clothes’ style re-branding of a body that already exists is not good enough – we need an independent EPA.”


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