Lawther praises decision to give £8m environment funding the green light

Alliance Antrim Councillor, Alan Lawther, has backed the government’s plan to provide £8million to enable homes to convert to more environmentally-friendly heating and energy sources. Cllr Lawther’s comments come on the day that the Secretary of State will announce the funding package for Northern Ireland.

Cllr Lawther said: “Its great news that the government has finally got around to dedicating £8million to helping to promote renewable energy sources for homes in Northern Ireland.

“This is a forward-thinking project which will encourage people to install environmentally-friendly heat and power sources in their houses.

“Homeowners will be able to apply for a grant of up to 50% of the cost of the equipment.

“The potential energy sources range from geothermal to hydro-power and mini-windmills.

Cllr Lawther concluded: “I am pleased that the government is announcing this scheme; however, I call on government to commit more money to this initiative and widen it to include those living in housing executive homes. I want this type of project to be as inclusive as possible, to ensure that everyone can help protect the environment.”


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