Lawther demands green light for Strangford tidal generator

Antrim Alliance Councillor, Alan Lawther has demanded that the government introduce a tidal generator in Strangford Lough on a permanent basis after they announced that the generator would be set up only as part of a pilot scheme

Cllr Lawther stated: “The installation of a tidal generator in Strangford Lough is a great idea. I only hope that the generator will be in use permanently and will not disappear after the government’s pilot scheme ends.

“It is of paramount importance that we fully utilise the environmentally-friendly resources that the region has to generate electricity. The race to save the planet has begun and I would like to see Northern Ireland setting an example to the world on this issue.

“I would appeal to the government to do the right thing and ensure that the tidal generator in Strangford Lough is allowed to operate permanently.”


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