Law on terrorism a total mess: Farry

ALLIANCE Party Justice Spokesperson Stephen Farry has responded to the decision by Chief Justice Girvan that the RIRA is not a proscribed organization, by calling on the Government to close the loopholes in the terrorism legislation urgently.

Dr Farry said: “It is clear that the law over what constitutes a proscribed organisation is a total mess.

“People are looking to the police and courts to tackle the continuing problem of terrorism and other forms of paramilitary activity.

“These problems are endemic in our society and the authorities need to able to use every legal tool available to them to root out those who would seek to terrorise others.

“Deficiencies in the law are being clearly exposed. It is incumbent on the Government to move with great urgency to close any loopholes and to ensure that justice can be done and be seen to be done.”

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