Latest report shows IMC process working – Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed the latest report from the IMC and stated that the progress shown by the report is a clear vindication of the role of the Commission.

David Ford said: “This further report shows that progress is being made to end violence and criminality by mainstream Republicans. We welcome the reduction in criminality. We also welcome the positive effects that the IMC is having on the process to restore local democracy.

“The IMC is facilitating process by providing transparent reports that can give people confidence, rather than rumour and spin, whether positive or negative. The Commission is actually working in Sinn Fein’s interests, as long as Sinn Fein is making progress to live up to its promises.

“In January, Sinn Fein were vocal in their complaints about the report – and the IMC itself. Does Martin McGuinness still think that the IMC are talking ‘bull-shit’ or ‘balderdice’?

“Alliance agrees with the IMC that it has been clear for quite some time that there has been an end to IRA terrorism. There is still a responsibility on Republicans to ensure an end to all criminality.

“When criminality is associated with a political party, it is a political problem – it can’t just be left to the criminal justice system. The two Governments need to keep up pressure on Republicans to address the remaining criminality and to work with the police.”


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