Larne oil spill is shocking and worrying, says Dickson

Stewart Dickson MLA has voiced his concerns over the recent Larne oil spill and welcomed the investigation and clean up coordinated by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

Emphasising the effects of the oil spill on the local environment, the MLA for East Antrim added the spill had affected many local attractions.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “We have a large diversity of wildlife and plant life around the Larne/Islandmagee coast, and any oil spill is extremely detrimental to these species and the coastline itself.

“The spill affects many of our local attractions including Larne seafront, Browns Bay and the recently renovated Gobbins Path, this affects not only local people but visitors to the Larne/Islandmagee area as well. The spill is a serious incident impacting one of the most beautiful coastlines, not just in Northern Ireland, but in the world.

“I have asked the Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, what action NIEA is taking to minimize the damage from the oil spill, and what actions are to be taken against the persons responsible for this incident. I have also made apparent to the Minister that the health of the surrounding residents is paramount in the days following the spill.

Mr Dickson concluded: “Our priority must be the wellbeing of local residents and the protection of our environment, furthermore we must take great care to ensure the prevention of any further environmental incidents in future.”

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