Language strategy must cater for deaf and blind people

Alliance Party Culture, Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has said that any indigenous language strategy must include provisions for people who are deaf or who have sight loss. Last week, the DCAL committee discussed the strategy and Mr McCarthy quizzed a DCAL Official about the issue to seek assurances.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “People who are deaf or those who have sight loss appear not to be catered for within this strategy. This is totally unacceptable and changes must be made to reflect their views.

“I quizzed a DCAL Official at the Committee and they said that the strategy will be overarching and it could accommodate concerns held by deaf people. I was somewhat reassured by this response; however, I will be monitoring progress on this issue with great interest to ensure that these important area not omitted.

“This strategy must not just be about Irish and Ulster Scots – We need to look to the needs of wider society. It is essential that we take on board the concerns or deaf and blind people, because it would be criminal to fail to respond to these concerns. Devolution is meant to be all about delivering for people here and if we cannot assist people in their everyday lives then we will fail in our job.”


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