Lagan Valley hospital decision is ‘madness’

Lagan Valley Alliance Assembly member Seamus Close has strongly criticised the Health Minister’s plan to reduce services at Lagan Valley Hospital.

Seamus Close stated: “This is medical madness. To deny the second largest area of population in Northern Ireland, namely the City of Lisburn, its full acute services in Lagan Valley Hospital is a half-baked decision taken by someone who hasn’t a vote in the area. It is therefore undemocratic.

“Arrogance is rapidly becoming the hallmark of this Government. They don’t listen to the people. They have denied me a voice in the Northern Ireland Assembly through suspension and now they proceed to take decisions that will impact adversely upon my electorate.”

“This is dictatorship of the worst kind, where the people will be forced not only to pay financially, but also in terms of their health for this bad decision.”


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