Lack of mental health staff should make McGimpsey implement Bamford

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has stated that the severe lack of mental healthcare staff has underlined the urgent need for Health Minister Michael McGimpsey to implement the findings of the Bamford Review. His comments come as the Head of Nursing at Queens University, Professor Jean Orr, stated that she is going to run a campaign to address the issue next month.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “I am deeply concerned at the lack of mental health care staff locally. This shocking revelation underlines the need for Michael McGimpsey to act quickly to implement the findings of the Bamford Review and create the necessary legislation to do so.

“Only yesterday, an Assembly debate called for the Executive to get to work and bring forward more vital legislation. The Ulster Unionists proposed the debate, and the power to implement Bamford falls with one of their Ministers. They must put their money where their mouth is and take forward Bamford’s suggestions.

“This Executive is becoming notorious for its inertia and lack of direction. The parties involved have a lot to do to prove that they are capable of governing Northern Ireland . Improving mental health services must be a priority for the Executive and they must act quickly on this matter.”


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