Lack of local agreement on poster display disappointing, says McIntyre

Alliance Lagan Valley Westminster candidate Aaron McIntyre has said the lack of a local agreement on posters in the constituency is disappointing, after the DUP put up its posters in the area without attempting to discuss the matter with other parties.

It follows an agreement between the main parties for March’s Assembly election, which saw no posters until the day before the election, when they were placed around polling stations.

“The recent no-poster agreement in Lagan Valley in the Assembly election received a positive response from the people of the constituency. As a result, Alliance was open to negotiations to participate in a similar agreement for this campaign,” he said.

“It is therefore disappointing the DUP decided to go ahead and place their posters up already throughout Lagan Valley. The expensive boards for posters have now been ordered, so we are past the point of no return and unfortunately we will be unable to have an agreement this time.

“This proves our point that local agreements on posters do not last. It is vital we have a functioning Assembly able to pass legislation which either limits posters or bans them altogether for future elections.”

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