Kelly’s campaign secures extended Sunday opening hours for Forum

Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has said he’s delighted his years of campaigning have paid off, with the Antrim Forum now set to open from 9am on Sunday mornings.

Proposed by Councillor Kelly, the change was approved at the latest Antrim and Newtownabbey Council meeting, bringing the centre in line with Sunday opening at the Valley Leisure Centre – a move the old Antrim Council consistently blocked when raised by Councillor Kelly.

“After years of campaigning to provide more flexible opening hours at the Antrim Forum, I’m delighted to see the Council approve this move,” said Councillor Neil Kelly.

“For years those using the Antrim Forum have been penalised because of the outdated views of their elected representatives, while people living in the Newtownabbey area have had full use of their local centre.

“The new Antrim and Newtownabbey Council has succeeded where the old Antrim Council failed – showing its progressive nature and desire to do what’s best for all ratepayers.

“Again Alliance has proven it is committed to getting results. I started this campaign as a lone voice many years ago but give a commitment to local ratepayers that I would secure access to better services for them, a promise I’m delighted to see realised this week.”

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