Kelly welcomes news that Greystone library will not face closure

Alliance Antrim Councillor Neil Kelly has welcomed the news that Greystone Library in Antrim town will not be closed by Libraries NI as part of their review of libraries across Northern Ireland.

Cllr Neil Kelly said: “This is a good news story to come out of Antrim. There was a big campaign to keep this library open with support from all five political parties. There were even internet groups started to lobby for it to kept open

“This just shows what can be achieved when the people of Antrim come together for the benefit of the whole community.

“This library is a real asset to local people who would have had to travel two miles to the next library. While this may not sound much, it would have been a big burden on the elderly and vulnerable in our society who regularly use its resources.

“I called in to them shortly after it was the announcement was made and there was a great buzz amongst the staff and members of the public. They are absolutely delighted that it is to be kept open.”


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