Kelly says he won’t have a second job if elected to Westminster

Alliance South Antrim candidate, Councillor Neil Kelly, has pledged that he would not take any other job if he is elected in May. His comments were made following controversy surrounding two former Home Secretaries who were caught by undercover reporters indicating that they would be willing to provide access for a fictitious Chinese company in return for cash.

Councillor Neil Kelly said: “Being an MP is a full time job and I promise that I will not take on any other jobs if I am elected to Westminster. If you are fulfilling every role of an MP, in Westminster and in your constituency, then you should not have any time for a second job.

“I am surprised that three of Northern Ireland’s current MPs have continued as MLAs, despite many others stepping down from the Assembly to dedicate their time to Westminster, which my colleague Naomi Long did shortly after she was elected in 2010.

“The only people that you should be answerable to as an MP are the electorate. You should be dedicating your time to working on their behalf whether by voting in debates, representing your constituency or helping constituents.”


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