Kelly says forced closure of leisure centre totally unacceptable

Alliance Titanic Councillor Michelle Kelly has said it is totally unacceptable Avoniel Leisure Centre has been forced to close temporarily after debris was used to block the entrance.

The rubbish was placed across the entrance to the centre, forcing its closure today (Sunday). It is believed to be in relation to the bonfire on the site.

“It is totally unacceptable anyone would do this for any reason and force the temporary closure of any Council facility,” said Councillor Kelly.

“All this does is deprive ratepayers of services and local people the chance to use a leisure centre at a weekend during the school holidays.

“Councillors from all parties have been working together for several months to seek action on several dangerous bonfires, including Avoniel, and we will support any action that will protect the centre, and the lives and property of local people.

“The debris needs removed, the centre needs reopened for people to use immediately and the bonfire needs to be made secure so everyone can enjoy the break in a safe and respectful way.”