Kelly hits back at book ridiculing Antrim

Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has hit back at a new book claiming Antrim is the worst place to live in Northern Ireland.

The local Councillor has challenged the editors of new publication ‘Crap Towns Returns’ to take a tour of Antrim with him, after the town was labelled dangerous and given the 35th spot in the list of the 50 worst towns in the UK.

Councillor Neil Kelly said: “Antrim is a fantastic place to live. I was born here and grew up here and challenge the writers to take a tour with me, visiting the town rather than ridiculing from afar.

“Like any other town in the UK Antrim has its problems, but what sets it apart from other places is the real, genuine, honest people.

“I defy anyone to sit in the crowd at our annual Civic Awards and not be moved by the local heroes making life better for their community. That’s the real Antrim – the Antrim I know.

“The authors seem to have taken offence at Antrim’s housing estates, but there are some great estates in the town. I grew up on the Dublin Road and it was an excellent place to live.

“I also meet many visitors and tourists when I am out and about walking my dogs and I must say they are positive about Antrim and what it has to offer. The area is packed with historic sites and castle grounds and a host of beautiful listed buildings. Not forgetting the natural beauty of the Lough Shore, Tardree Forest and Rea’s Wood.

“Antrim is a vibrant community with plenty to be proud of and I would lay down a challenge to the authors of this book to come here and let me give them the guided tour to meet local people and see the town for themselves.

“I would be very surprised it they still held the view that Antrim was as bad as they are trying to make out.”

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