Kelly disgusted by graffiti on Greystone Church

Alliance Antrim Councillor Neil Kelly has condemned those responsible for graffiti which was daubed on the side of Greystone Presbyterian Church.

Cllr Neil Kelly said: “I am disgusted by this attack on the Presbyterian Church. There can be no justification for this incident. It is appalling that there are still those who would seek to cause such division in our society.

“I welcome the widespread condemnation of this graffiti from all sides and the support that has been shown for the Greystone Presbyterian Church congregation. This is the message that represents the local community, not those who have daubed a slogan on the side of this church.

“Those responsible for this graffiti must be apprehended by the Police, so I would urge anybody with any information to come forward and help the PSNI in their investigations.”


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