Kelly disappointed by Council sell-off of green space

Alliance Antrim Councillor Neil Kelly has expressed his disappointment after the Council took the decision to sell a large part of local green space for a private housing development.

The open land at Steeple Park, alongside Parkhall Community Centre and Steeple House in the town, will be bulldozed as part of a multi-million-pound scheme after Antrim and Newtownabbey Councillors backed the idea.

Councillor Kelly, who proposed an amendment to the plan which would have protected the park space, said there were other ways to look at providing both a development and green space.

“I asked the Council to not sell the space, known locally as the top pitch, on the basis it is used by many people, including myself, daily. We needed to look at other ways of providing the funding the private development was providing, which was a small part of the overall cost.

“My amendment would not have held up the project but rather given the Council time to look at alternatives. Unfortunately, I did not get enough support within the Council chamber to keep this open space for us to enjoy.

“Alliance is fully supportive of the concept plan and has no issue with the other parts of the site being sold to build social housing in order to create a better Steeple Park. But I worry we as a Council have now set a precedent that leaves all of our green spaces vulnerable to future developments.”

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