Kelly demands review of Castle Grounds project

Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has said the Caste Grounds restoration project in Antrim needs ‘a full and rigorous review’.

Mr Kelly – a strong advocate of the Castle Grounds – called for the review last week during a meeting of Antrim Borough Council, due to the delay in the completion date of the project.

He said: “I have kept a close eye on this project since it started back in 2010 and have generally been supportive of how it has progressed.

“However I have now raised concerns at the Civic Centre regarding the delay over the last few months. During this time I have constantly been stopped by members of the public while in the area walking my dogs, with the constant question asked ‘when will it be finished’.

“People have also raised concerns over the ponds, which are at the centre of the problem. They are one of the main features and run right through the heart of the Castle Grounds.

“In my view it is too early to point the finger as to where the blame lies for the additional costs to the rate payer due to the length of time the work has taken. This is why I have asked for a full review of this project from start to finish.

“Something has gone wrong somewhere and we need to know what and, if required, hold those responsible to account. For now the important issue is to get the work finished quickly, to the highest standard possible and for the best value for money to the rate payer.

“Once the Castle Grounds are completed and all areas are open, we need to carry out a comprehensive review and ensure the outcomes are available to the public. I would hope that such a review would identify the issues which resulted in the delay, as well as the extra costs and also identify what measures are required to ensure this does not happen again.

“The Castle Grounds belong to the people of Antrim and therefore the people of Antrim deserve to know why this project has taken so long and why it has run significantly over budget.”

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