Kelly commends hygiene standards at Antrim hospital

Councillor Neil Kelly has commended Antrim Area Hospital, after it was revealed it was the only large hospital in Northern Ireland not to require further investigation into its hygiene standards.

The local Hospital was the only one out of six not to need a revisit by RQIA, when all hospitals in Northern Ireland were inspected for cleanliness and hygiene.

Councillor Neil Kelly said: “I would like to commend the Chief Executive Sean Donaghy, all the staff at the Hospital and in particular those with direct responsibility for cleaning and hygiene.

“The staff team deserve credit for this, especially during a time of change for the hospital, with the on-going work to improve the facilities at A and E.

“The visitors to the hospital also must be commended, who play their part by adhering to advice from staff on matters of hygiene, including the hand washing policy and guidelines on visiting patients.

“It is reassuring for the people of Antrim that their hospital leads the way in meeting the standards and regulations for hygiene as set out by the RQIA, once again well done to all involved.”

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