Kelly appalled at gun find on school grounds in Antrim

Antrim Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has expressed shock and disgust that a gun was found in the grounds of Parkhall Primary School in Antrim. The pistol was found in the playground on Friday afternoon by a 10-year-old boy who brought it home. It is believe he thought it was a toy and brought it home to show his parents who contacted the police immediately.

Cllr Neil Kelly said: “I am absolutely horrified that a gun was found in the playground of Parkhall Primary School. The community is shocked and appalled at this.

“This is an absolutely frightening incident and must have been an extremely traumatic event for the child and their family.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about the type of terrible tragedy that could have come about because of the gun being in the playground. “I would appeal to anyone with information on how the gun happened to end up in the playground to contact police immediately.”


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