Kelly: Antrim deserves a high quality hospital

Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has said the people of Antrim deserve a high quality hospital, after reports emerged suggesting the emergency department at Antrim Area Hospital was ineffective and unsafe.

The Antrim Councillor was speaking after a group of senior consultants in Antrim Area Hospital made their concerns known, through a letter to the Northern Area Trusts medical director.

While patient safety has been raised on a number of occasions over the last 18 months, it is believed the recent death of a child brought the issue into the public arena.

Councillor Neil Kelly said: “The people of Antrim deserve a safe hospital and the Trust needs to address this situation immediately.

“This is an extremely worrying situation, especially as these latest concerns come from senior consultants within the hospital. And these new problems come on the back of existing concerns with the hospital, including the length of time it takes to be seen at its Emergency department.

“A team of specialists were brought in from England to attempt to tackle the hospital’s growing problems and get it back on track. However these latest revelations highlight this has not had the desired effect, with the team to deliver a report at some stage in the future.

“The new Emergency Department at the hospital is due to open in June this year and may help the situation. But it is not just about bricks and mortar, there needs to be action taken and taken now as this situation has moved from concerns about waiting times to patient safety and this needs to be dealt with urgently.

“I look forward to hearing from the Trust as to how they are going to turn this around and build the confidence of the people of Antrim in the services they provide.”

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