Kelly: Animal cruelty will not be tolerated

Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has said animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Antrim, adding he was shocked and horrified at the suffering of two dogs in the area.

It has been revealed Antrim Borough Council will begin legal proceedings against two residents after details of the extreme cruelty against the animals – neither of which survived – emerged, with one dog starving to death and the other having to be put to sleep due to its extensive wounds.

Councillor Neil Kelly said: “As a dog owner I was horrified and extremely upset when I read the details of what these two defenceless animals suffered.

“How anyone could leave a dog to starve to death is beyond belief, with the animal so desperate for survival that it drank all the water in the toilet bowl, with teeth marks also found on containers and plates in the home.

“The second dog was so badly injured that a vet had to put it to sleep after wounds – some containing cigarette ash – were too bad to overcome.

“It is extremely upsetting to think how these dogs suffered and further worrying to think how many other animals are being mistreated. I must commend the people of Antrim for coming forward and reporting these distressing cruelty cases and the animal welfare staff who acted quickly to resolve the situation.

“But the message from Antrim Council is clear – there will be a zero tolerance approach to animal cruelty. If you are cruel to animals in Antrim we will catch you and you will be prosecuted.”

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