Kelly angered by cash machine robbery at Antrim Tesco

Antrim Town Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has expressed his anger and disgust at those who carried out the robbery of a double cash machine at the Tesco store in Antrim.

Councillor Kelly said: “It beggars belief what criminals will do next. I like many others use those cash machines regularly. We have lost a few machines in the town centre at the banks and the machines at Tesco are convenient as there is available parking there. The loss of these machines, particularly at this time of year, will have a negative impact on many in our town.


“I would congratulate the police on the recovery of the machine and I hope a replacement will be in place soon.


“Those responsible need to catch themselves on and stop stealing from the rest of us. They do not care about the damage they cause to premises or inconvenience to the public. It is also important that diggers, which are often used in these crimes, are secured overnight. Those responsible need to be caught and brought before the courts and I would ask anyone with information to contact the PSNI immediately.”