Kamble plans to meet police on tackling crime

Alliance Party Enniskillen by-election candidate Dr Kumar Kamble has said that anti-social behaviour and burglary are issues that must be tackled strongly as he said these matters make some people’s lives a misery. He is going to arrange a meeting with local police to discuss the issues.

Dr Kumar Kamble said: “Thug culture, no matter how small the problem is, can be extremely damaging to local residents’ quality of life if it is not tackled strongly. I am planning to meet with local police to discuss tackling anti-social behaviour and burglary in the Enniskillen area.

“Anti-social behaviour and burglaries are two of the key concerns local people have in relation to crime. People need to have total confidence and must feel safe in their homes. They should also have confidence that their belongings will be safe from damage or theft.

“While I would always urge people to be careful if they are walking around at night on their own, I think more can still be done to make our streets safer.

“Why should thugs be allowed to intimidate law abiding citizens in the town on Friday and Saturday nights? This is simply not acceptable and I will be calling on police to conduct more regular patrols in the area at those times.”


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