Joined-up thinking will overcome cynics: Lawther

Antrim Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has written to Education Minister Angela Smith and Deputy Chief Constable Paul Leighton calling on both to improve Government efficiency. The call comes after both spoke at a recent conference, presenting ideas on ‘joined-up Government’.

The Antrim South East representatives stated: “We hear a lot about this term ‘joined-up Government’, but we see precious little evidence of it being put into action. This has a negative effect on local services. But I want to see this negative turned into a positive.

“If we look at Templepatrick, for example, we have a Primary School well beyond capacity and needing a rebuild, a police stations manned only a few hours a week and under threat of closure, a recently closed library, and yet our young people have little provision for them outside the churches. It is quite clear there is no ‘joined-up’ thinking behind decisions in such areas.

“I have suggested that the PSNI sponsor an office in the newly rebuilt school so they could close their large stations and save money while keeping up the same level of presence. I have suggested the library reopen within the new school building. And I have suggested that a hall within the new building be used as a community hall in the evenings and at weekends.

“We are a land of cynics and no doubt the initial reaction to such proposals from the Government will be negative. Yet, when you think about it, what could be more ‘joined up’ than the above proposals?

“Let’s put theory into practice to turn negatives into positives.”


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