JJ Magee must clarify his comments, says McAllister

Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said Councillor JJ Magee must clarify his views on crimes carried out by the IRA, after an online exchange appeared to suggest he did not.

Nuala said: “In a week where victims’ issues are so prominent it is extremely disturbing that any Councillor would be so careless in an exchange on the issue. Regardless whether he set out to purposely cause harm and confusion to the many victims and survivors in our community, or was simply oblivious to the impact his ambiguous remarks could have, it is unacceptable.

“We cannot allow politicians to take it upon themselves to decide whether a killing was a crime or not, or to promote the view that any group be treated differently under the law. Councillor Magee must urgently clarify his comments, apologise for any hurt caused and make clear the rule of law has his full support and respect – something that should not be in doubt as he currently sits on the Belfast PCSP.

“Sinn Féin must be held to the standards they apply to others and Councillor Magee must explain the motives behind this exchange online. Either way – if this was genuine error in judgement or the outcome of something more sinister – Councillor Magee must answer the outstanding questions in full, leaving no room for any misunderstanding.”

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