ITV phone-in quiz fine not big enough

Alliance Antrim Councillor Alan Lawther has stated that the £5.7 million fine imposed on ITV by OFCOM over phone-in quizzes is not big enough to send out a strong message against the type of programmes that generate massive amounts of money at the expense of the public. Cllr Lawther has campaigned locally with considerable success for a long time against these quizzes.

Cllr Lawther said: “I welcome this fine but I do not believe that it’s large enough. Today’s fine could have been much higher, but instead ITV have been fined under £6 million. This fine is merely a drop in the ocean. They need to send out a stronger deterrent and hit these scandalous quiz shows where it hurts, in their bank balance.

“This is however a massive embarrassment for ITV and should act as a wake up call to all broadcasters.

“Corporate executives at ITV have many issues to face and must ensure that these types of programmes are taken off our airwaves for good. The public deserves to be treated with far more respect by TV stations.”


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