It’s now up to Maskey to keep his word: Alderdice

Alliance Councillor David Alderdice has said it is now up to Alex Maskey to prove to all the people of Belfast that he will live up to his word to be inclusive.

Councillor Alderdice, the Alliance group leader in Belfast City Council, was speaking after his party’s three votes allowed Sinn Fein’s Alex Maskey to become the first republican Lord Mayor of Belfast.

Congratulating the new mayor, Cllr Alderdice said: “Tonight we heard Mayor Maskey’s promise to represent all the people of Belfast and to be inclusive. The onus is now on him and his colleagues to translate these fine words into action.”

“I believe Alliance did the right thing, and that our move will help to wed Sinn Fein even closer to the democratic process.”

“With my whole heart I despise the actions of the IRA over last 30 years, but with my whole heart I believe in democracy and that is what tonight was about.”


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