‘It’s now or never for a deal’: Ford

AN Alliance delegation this evening (Dec 1) had a meeting with the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, at Downing street to discuss ongoing political developments in the attempt to restore devolution to Northern Ireland.

The delegation consisted of Alliance Party Leader David Ford MLA, Deputy Leader Eileen Bell MLA and General Secretary, Dr Stephen Farry.

Speaking after the meeting, Alliance Party Leader David Ford stated:

“Alliance had a very productive meeting with the PM reviewing the current state of the negotiations.

“All the pieces for an historic deal to end paramilitary activity and to restore devolution are now in place. The package is clearly in line with the fundamental principles of the Agreement.

“Over the next few days it is important that both the DUP and Sinn Fein demonstrate their good faith intentions to one another, and that unionists focus on the very real substance that is on offer.

“I am convinced that if the necessary will can be shown then the deal can be done. But it is far from certain that such an opportunity will present itself again for some time. It’s now or never.”

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