It makes no sense to split Lisburn with COVID restrictions, says Eastwood

It makes no sense to split Lisburn in two over COVID-19 restrictions, Alliance Councillor Sorcha Eastwood has said.

The Alliance representative was speaking after Health Minister Robin Swann confirmed half the city – under the postcode BT28 – would be subject to restrictions, but the other half – effectively the other side of the city’s Wallace Park under the postcode BT27 – would not.

“I completely support the Health Minister in his move to bring new restrictions to combat the rise in COVID-19 cases and call on everyone in the affected areas to follow the guidance,” said Councillor Eastwood.

“But it makes absolutely no sense to split the main population centre of Lagan Valley – the city of Lisburn – effectively in two. The risk will not dissipate when you move from one half to the city to the other. If the point of localised restrictions is to try and slow the spread, this is a strange approach, given people travel across Lisburn for work and other reasons on a daily basis.

“Nobody wants these lockdowns to last any longer than they have to. But an approach which captures all of the main population centre instead of using an arbitrary line will help us do so quicker. The Minister needs to include BT27 for now, to ensure we don’t have to include more areas in future.”