IRA doesn’t need evidence to ‘convict’ either: Bell

ALLIANCE Victims Spokesperson Eileen Bell MLA has reacted with anger to the news that IRA paramilitary-style attacks appear to have begun again following the collapse of trust between parties in the aftermath of the Northern Bank heist.

Three attacks in the last two weeks have occurred in areas in which the IRA is the main paramilitary faction.

Mrs Bell said:

“It is no coincidence that the IRA has apparently started its campaign of human rights abuses again, as it merely follows the pattern of the past. IRA shootings drop in the build-up to important talks, then, if the deal falls through – and it did so because of the IRA this time – it goes back to what it knows best.

“In recent days republicans have complained that they have had the finger of blame pointed at them for a crime. But they themselves are pointing guns at people they suspect of criminal activity – and, without evidence, act as judge, jury and executioner.

“We have seen how IRA criminal activity has led to crisis. Now paramilitary activity is threatening to further erode confidence, as republicans carry out these brutal acts. Republicans may not consider blowing someone’s hands off a ceasefire breach, but it is certainly a breach of their human rights and the law.”

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