Integration essential to solving the growing ethnic divide

Alliance Party Chair Yvonne Boyle has said incidents relating to the growing ethnic divide in Belfast and elsewhere underline once again how important the Alliance message on integration is.

Ms Boyle, herself a social worker specializing in anti-discriminatory training, stated: “The rise in the number of violent incidents involving immigrant workers is cause of great concern.

“It is not enough simply to call on people to be calm. There is a very real ethnic divide growing in urban centres right across Northern Ireland, and it presents a genuine social challenge that our community leaders must deal with responsibly.

“Our basic principle of promoting integration among the people of Northern Ireland does not just apply along religious sectarian lines. It applies right across the board, as a means of helping disadvantaged areas, uniting the community, and giving everyone a real sense of input.

“It is essential that those arriving in Northern Ireland for a better life for themselves and their families are integrated into the community. Working together for everyone’s benefit is the best option.”


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